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« on: December 02, 2012, 07:26:43 pm »

RD is a clan of friendly people, who don't care about stats, some game results or high position on any server. Our priority is just to have fun and do crazy stuff. We are not so skilled to have some clan-wars and stuff like that, but if we get challenged we gonna accept it and fight till we stop quacking. We don't care about the outcome, we just gonna have fun. And the most important - we treat every member equal, even the leaders.







  • If you are talkative and responsible, always able to chat and discuss things, you seem funny and clever, you are a good driver in-game, creative and cool guy, you'll have chances to join us. Also, your English needs to be on a normal level, if you have rage from time to time, don't even try to join RD.
  • Be active on forums and server. You should be able to check your PMs every day in case of having clan-wars or any other announcements. Skills aren't that important, but if you are well-skilled, it's even better.
  • Be calm and loyal. Don't start conflicts, don't provoke people, don't be sarcastic and egoistic. Be calm and responsible. Don't take anyone's side in conflict, except if conflict is involving RD's interests.
So, overall, you should be known as person who has friends from different countries than your own, never had conflicts, never been provoking them, never tried to show off with sarcasm or rude jokes, known as person who likes to talk, catching attention on server and stuff like that.

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