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« on: April 14, 2018, 05:41:33 pm »
In-game nickname: The_Deadman_Rises
Old nicknames used: Deadman[PPLV], Altair[PPLV] GG_Deadman[PPLV], soT.Deadman[PPLV] and so on....
Real name: Rana Abdul Haseeb
Age: 19
Country: Pakistan
Contact (Facebook, Hotmail, etc): (for every social media except gaming ones)

Link to your CP player page:
How long have you played SAMP: 2 and a half years (some of the months without registering to the server)
How long have you played PTP/PTP PB: 1170 hours
Have you ever been banned on PTP and/or on Plan B? If yes, what for?: Yes I was banned by Ansterdam for VHH when I was totally new to the atmosphere.
Have you ever been part of another clan? If yes, why not anymore?: PPLV. The resons are stored in my phone memory as screenshots proofs but I have sent them to Vishwas before applying here. But I will try my 100% level best to provide those proofs to each member of RD here. But lemme give you a bit explaination. Here we go. I was being used in PPLV simply for over a year and I didnt expect that. Afterwards they started bullying me for everything and accused me for what consequences happened to them. I am tired of their behavior and since Cobra is out in real life and probably he left samp, things in PPLV have gone way much worse and in order to avoid their bullying and accusing again I simply and silently (after much thinking and consideration) I left PPLV and I imformed the PPLV leaders why I left it.
Why you would like to join [RD]?: RD is a clan where members care for them. TBH the only RD cares for its members (it would be wrong if I say other clan names here but actually the other clans dont care). I want a family who care for eachother not to bully them for their use. Also I would love to share my experience and quack with ducks and duck those guys who try to destory RD legacy :)


P.S: Stats SS:
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Re: Deadmanâ„¢
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How did they abuse u dud wtf

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Re: Deadmanâ„¢
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Sorry but its a No from me. You dont strike me as a duck material.


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Re: Deadmanâ„¢
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You're not RD style player.


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Re: Deadmanâ„¢
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Ok sure remove this topic as I am not fit for RD style I agree.
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