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[How to join] Clan Rules
« on: December 04, 2012, 11:30:18 pm »
Clan Rules
  • Be active on forums and server. You should be able to check your PMs once a week in case of having clan-wars or any other clan announcements.
  • Do not: start conflicts, provoke people, spam, be sarcastic and egoistic, take anyone's side in conflict (except if conflict is involving RD's interests). Be calm, loyal and responsible.
  • Do not insult, try to respect everyone.
  • Do not use hacks, illegal mods or forbidden bugs.
  • Do not glitch inside the textures.
  • Do not cover rulebreakers. If you see someone violating the rules - report them.
  • Do not shoot your team mates in any situation.
  • Use commands for their designated purposes only! Do not try to gain any advantage towards other players by using a command, for example an animation during a fight.
  • If you have selected President's class - do not quit the game or use /kill unless there is a Vice-President in game (as it counts as a map change forcing and is punishable).
  • If you have chosen Security Class - make sure to clear armour spawn as soon as you refill (armour camping is not allowed for securities).
  • If you get killed - accept it gracefully (don't rage in the chats or PMs).
  • Once you spawn - just move away to get a vehicle and play the game. Don't fight at the spawning area.
  • Refrain from using any other nicknames apart from your registered account.

Violation of the Rules

If you see a clan member violating the above rules, please, feel free to post a report in this section.

Any Duck or BabyDuck who gets banned from PTP, will be auto-kicked from the clan without any discussion.
For RubberDucks and leaders, a poll will be conducted to decide whether they can stay or not.
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